Weather And The Mountain

During the Yoga Teacher Training course that was happening at the same time as our Writing and Reflection course I noticed the students-teachers were asked to choose a body part along with their chosen asana.

In my last reflection I chose abdomen as my keyword but in hindsight would rather choose that as my body part to accompany The Mountain.

My keyword is actually weather. How can I weather the storms that invariably rise from season to season with equanimity? What would it take for me to face fluctuations of heat and cold with an unflappable temperament?

Tadasana Round Up

Our first month is almost up. After practicing Tadasana – The Mountain – and reflecting on it in our journals the time has come to share some of our relevant personal reflections.

What a great experience this has been! Each day I have done the pose which is actually a simple feat. To stand in Tadasasna is to feel empowered, so why not do it once daily, or better yet morning, noon and night. It is the beginning of all asanas and can also be a peaceful way to initiate newness into my schedule, my perspective and my projects.

Standing eyes wide open in The Mountain for even a minute makes the flow of my day better in many ways. I feel an immediate reconnection with the rhythm of my breath. I feel where my body is holding tension and try to let it go. The asana helps me focus on what lays ahead, helps me look at the process of goal-making, and gives me sacred space to envision my future.

Standing way up high with no distractions is the best way I have found to affirm my essence, to truly be the powerful channel between heaven and earth we ALL naturally are.

My key phrase for this September round up is Remember Your Divinity.

Yoga, Writing and Reflection Retreat 2008

This photo contains most of the participants from our August 2008 retreat at the Yasodhara Ashram.

Our group mantra is “I am created by Divine Light, I am sustained by Divine Light, I am protected by Divine Light, I am surrounded by Divine Light, I am ever growing into Divine Light.”


Tadasana Keyword: Abdomen

My keyword after reflecting on the Mountain for a week is abdomen. Tadasana always brings me back to deep abdominal breathing, the most important tool for me these days. As chaos and confusion swirl around I take a stand in the sacred centre like a Mountain… breathing, sturdy and peaking with sunlight (or moon light when she is full).

With the rise and fall of my belly, I become a Mountain and Valley. Fertile, inspiring and lush.