Eagle Pose – Garudasana

We welcome a new month with a new asana – Garudasana. When we first started this blog we thought we would follow the exact line up of poses in The Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga book but now we are letting our intuition guide us in choosing new ones. This month’s inspiration came from Maureen, who witnessed these majestic birds for herself in Alaska last month and sensed that an animated pose would be suitable for this season. Thanks for acting on your intuition Maureen! After all that’s what we are cultivating here, isn’t it?

Garuda is the King of Birds and doing this asana requires both concentration and balance. With both these qualities we can manifest our latent power and allow our spirit to be victorious over our intellect…

May we all penetrate our highest visions this month from working with the regal Eagle 🙂