Public Yoga on a Sub Zero Morning

Gentle flurries danced around me as I joined the procession of kids marching off to school today. A yoga mat in one hand and a camera in the other, I clearly stood out against the grey morning. This made me happy. The scene would have been so uninspiring otherwise (my judgment): a sleepy subdivision, dirty snow, screaming girls, swearing boys, rushing parents, alarms… none of it softened by the fact that this weekend is the beginning of a new year. TIGER, one of my favourites. It’s the birth animal of my boyfriend and the name sake of our homestead, both of which are 3000 long miles away…

In this the start of my journey to the eastcoast, I seek to shine light on each moment, to open my spiritual heart centre, and let ‘er stream forth. I’m back in my small hometown, starting from scratch to teach yoga full time, and attempting to cultivate non-attachment. A yogi’s task indeed! It would be enough to darken my spirits, but I remain mindful of the precious present tense, and this keeps my pilot light flickering.

So, arising at pre-dawn, I braved the cold to do something different. Public yoga, an action which is part of my mission to spread yogic energy in New Brunswick, which is crying out for it. I seek out places to show, share, shape-shift and shelter folks from their modern disillusionment, which is spreading like a plague everywhere I look.

The action was as much for my health as for anyone else… if it touched the heart/mind of even one person, all the better. All I know is that I needed and got fresh air, made eye contact with a few folks, and left my sneaker prints in the snow.