Chakra balancing to cure a long-term stomach ache

I got some great feedback from a yoga client yesterday. She called me the week after our first session to book another appointment, saying “I have had a stomach ache for 5 months and since our chakra balancing, it has disappeared.”

Now that’s what I wanna hear!

It resonated with me on a deeper level as well. At one point in my life I endured a long-term stomach ache that nothing seemed to abate. After dedicating myself to studying the chakra energy system and practicing techniques to balance it, I was finally relieved of the pain, and in the process healed my spirit of its disconnect with my soul.

These stomach aches could be seen symbolically as having gut feelings that something is very wrong. When all forms of mainstream and alternative healing modalities fail to bring relief, a much deeper issue than the physical, or even emotional, may be at fault. We are spiritual beings having a material experience, in the high hopes of learning about the true depths of compassion we are all capable of. Follow your gut feelings, understand that everything happens for a reason, and that not listening to our inner experiences, our spirits may end up succumbing to an early demise. As dark as it sounds, cancer is a modern day plague that people still think you can catch for no reason at all. A terminal illness starts somewhere in the energy field, we are warriors in this incarnation and must stay strong in our health, our lifestyle and our faith in our gut feelings…

Live in light always, dear heart warriors, in this ongoing and feverish battle with illusion, duality and fear.