A yoga teachers motto from 2300 years ago

The following inspirational quote was written by the great Buddhist Emperor Ashoka of India in the 3rd century BC.

“One should not honour only one’s own religion (path) and condemn the paths of others, but one should honour others’ paths for this or that reason. So doing, one helps one’s own path to grow and renders service to the paths of others too. In acting otherwise one digs the grave of one’s own path and also does harm to other paths. Whosoever honours his or her own path and condemns other paths, does so indeed through devotion to his own path, thinking “I will glorify¬† my own path”. But on the contrary, in so doing he or she injures his own path more gravely. So, accord is good: Let all listen, and be willing to listen to the doctrines professed by others.”

… still relevant today!