Healthy snack recommendations for yogins with low blood sugar

Proper nutrition is a main focus of yogic philosophy, through the practice of Ayruvedic Medicine, which suits me just fine as there is scarcely anything I love more than good eating.

Although I consume at least 3 hearty meals a day, that alone is not enough to keep up my weight and I find I must have snacks on hand, especially when doing a yoga class. Such is the lot of those of us with low blood sugar! Protein is the key to appetite stability, and so is staying away from quick junk food. Here is a list of my preferred snacks:

  1. Brazil nuts and dulse
  2. Hemp protein (8 grams of protein/tbsp.) with yogurt or juice
  3. Rye crackers with nut butter
  4. Sunflower/pumpkin seeds with a banana
  5. Carrot sticks and peanuts
  6. Apples and Jarlsburg

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