Book Notes – Yoga of the Mahamudra: the Mystical Way of Balance by Will Johnson

Although this book has nothing to do with the Mahamudra Yoga of the Kagyu Lineage that I am currently studying through the local hermitage, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The author, Will Johnson, inspires the reader to come into his or her most natural expression. Raw, real and personal – theory is tossed aside for practice, and the practice is:

Entirely living the fullness of each moment

Mr. Johnson wastes no time in breaking apart the concept of god, divinity or spirit. How refreshing! He would rather have us dance than plunk down into sitting meditation, but more than anything his call to action is to be relaxation itself, navigating alertly through the body with curiousity while attempting to loosen our bonds on thoughts, worries, planning and strategizing. What a gift to the western yogin.

I see Yoga of Mahamudra to be about getting beyond the formal teachings of asana, and learning to just move the way your body wants. Allow movement to be your friend…

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