Quotes from Will Johnson’s book Yoga of the Mahamudra

Even though his use of the term Mahamudra is not bound by any particular historic tradition, thus challenging me to think outside the box of my beloved Kagyu lineage, Will Johnson is highly quotable. Here are some of my favourites:

The embodied cross is the path and the reward for those who want to explore the yoga of balance (We are embodied crosses).

Mahamudra urges us to take full advantage of the incredible privilege of having been born humans in this era.

It is the birthright of each one of us to experience our fundamental identity and a force that feels much larger than us.

The current of life force flows on whether we’re aware of it or not. Align yourself with it’s motions (through increased awareness) and become happier in your short time on earth.

The focus of the Mahamudra teachings is to remain loose and natural in every moment of your life.

From moment to moment, from breath to breath, what we feel shifts. Keep floating along this sea of change that masquerades as a solid body. 

We are NOT trying to achieve a perfected state of balance and then freeze it there. 

To surrender the body’s weight to the pull of gravity is to initiate the yoga of balance. 

It is important not to condemn and injure the egoic “I” of separation, because although it causes you to suffer, and its beliefs are limited and incomplete, it is what FEELS existence, and that feeling is the only port from which you can embark on your great journey inward.

Ask constantly “who am I?”… as it’ll change moment to moment.

The “I” of separation is a thought, a word – in your mind. The “I” of union is a state of being, and exists not as a word, but as a feeling.

Give up all questions except “Who am I?”. After all the only fact of which you are certain is that you ARE. The “I am” is certain, the “I am this” is not.

Find your way back to the simple feeling that I AM without having to qualify it. The embodied cross keeps leading us, ushering us, deeper into a feeling awareness that is out of bounds for words.

Wavelets of energy don’t need to name themselves to know they exist.

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