The Chakras: Yoga and Meditation help balance our energy fields

There are different forms of meditation, all of which can be found on the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Chanting is a major component of yoga, as is visualization. Both these practices are useful in helping balance our main energy fields, called Chakras (Sanskrit: spinning wheels). These 7 points of power run the length of our spines, and everyone has them, but how can a person tap into them?


The activity of mantra practice is chanting. A chant is uttered from deep within the body, usually arising out the throat from the diaphragm. Making the sacred sounds, such as AUM (also spelled OM) or other longer verses activates the chakras.


Using the power of imagination, visualizing colours and healing pictures, helps align our chakras, especially once they are activated by chanting. Guided imagery is part of accessing the power of our energy fields. In general, a Total Chakra Balancing starts with the visualization of a rainbow:

7. Purple = Sahasrara – Crown, “Thousand petaled lotus”
6. Indigo = Anja – Third Eye, intuition
5. Turquoise = Vishuddha – Throat, our will
4. Green = Anahata – Heart, understanding
3. Yellow = Manipura – Solar Plexus, “full of rays”
2. Orange = Svadhisthana – Belly, finding one’s own place
1. Red = Muladhara – Tailbone, “energy from the Earth supporting me”

Sit in a quiet spot and close your eyes. Let your breath expand your belly and keep it loosened.

Total Chakra Balancing

Imagine yourself sitting on a chair on a red rug. The red of the rug is flowing into your feet and legs…

Chant: Ahhh… Uuuu… Mmmm

Now see yourself walking in to water up to your belly button. The sun casts orange all around you…

Chant: Ahhh… Uuuu… Mmmm

Imagine the sun rising and filling you with yellow radiance…

Chant: Ahhh… Uuuu… Mmmm

In your mind’s eye you have walked open hearted into a field with a tree. The large tree is dancing with green leaves…

Chant: Ahhh… Uuuu… Mmmm

You lay down in the field and put your hands behind your head and neck. The sky above is turquoise an fills you light blue truth…

Chant: Ahhh… Uuuu… Mmmm

The only other colour in the field of vision is a clothes line with a indigo dyed cotton cloth flapping in the wind.

Chant: Ahhh… Uuuu… Mmmm

The sky darkens to a purple, not unlike the colour of grapes. Plump, they drip from the vines. Nectar of the gods.

Chant: Ahhh… Uuuu… Mmmm
Chant: Ahhh… Uuuu… Mmmm
Chant: Ahhh… Uuuu… Mmmm

After your sitting session is over, do yoga stretches to help steady the flow of your newly activated chakras:

  1. Standing forward bends
  2. Spine Stretches
  3. Energy Sweeps

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