Each of the 7 main chakras has its own balancing chant

Seed syllables are one word chants in the language of yoga: Sanskrit. Each of our 7 main Chakras has a seed syllable associated with it, except for the Crown Chakra – it is the energy point of silence, also called Sacred Pause.

The Sanskrit word for chanting can be loosely translated as mantra. The following list for each chakra, if incorporated into a daily mantra practice, can help yogins balance their energy fields.

Shh for # 7. Purple = Sahasrara – Crown, “Thousand petaled lotus”
AUM for #6. Indigo = Anja – Third Eye, intuition
HAM for #5. Turquoise = Vishuddha – Throat, our will
YAM for #4. Green = Anahata – Heart, understanding
RAM for #3. Yellow = Manipura – Solar Plexus, “full of rays”
VAM for #2. Orange = Svadhisthana – Belly, finding one’s own place
LAM for #1. Red = Muladhara – Tailbone, “energy from the Earth supporting me”

Use the breath to help bring forward your heart and soul in each uttered seed syllable. Breathing deeply into the belly – let your diaphragm rise and fall naturally, not constricted by tight stomach muscles. Let your whole belly be loose for your mantra practice, and beyond…


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