Learn about yoga from the Jedi Knights: Installment #1

In the Introduction to learning about yoga from the Jedi Knights I gave a list of quotes that would be addressed. Today we’re looking at the following Yoda quote and addressing what it means in the context of yoga:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try, only do.”

In this context the teacher is helping the student deepen the ability to commit. To begin a task with a half hearted commitment can sabotage success from the start, and no one on the spiritual path has time to waste! Putting oneself wholly into projects means unifying the body/mind, and union is the aim of all yoga practice. The translation of the Sanskrit word yoga means union. Half assed, half hearted – these are colourful terms that mean a lack of commitment.

How do projects turn out if your hands are involved but not your head? What if your spirit doesn’t support the work your body is doing?

If we delve even deeper into the yogic meaning of this quote, it’s actually about mindfulness. “Trying” leaves room for failure in the future, and hauls past inadequacies (or lack of training/experience/support) into the present. Look to the pure potential of the VERY NOW, breathe into it, do your best to hit your target, and stay grounded in non-attachment – because circumstances are sometimes such that the goal can not be hit. This doesn’t have to mean failure, as long as your mind set is open to learning from each moment, from each experience, a person can increase his or her power of manifestation. 

Do commit to being present every moment, and taking action for a better now. Do not focus on “ifs”. There is no other truth than this. 

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