Learn about yoga from the Jedi Knights: Installment #2

In the Introduction to learning about yoga from the Jedi Knights I gave a list of quotes that would be addressed. Today we’re looking at the following Yoda quote and addressing what it means in the context of yoga:

“How you get so big on this food?!”

In this context, the question suggests a looming imbalance. The student is big, but he or she eats prefabricated food with an endless shelf life. How can this be sustained? When will the foundation s/he stands on rot?

One of the major branches of yoga is Ayurvedic medicine, which is focused on diet as the primary route to a solid foundation in complete health. The practices of Ayurveda are regimented, and usually result in a trim, stream lined body. An efficient shape and size is helpful for the long haul of life. No need to carry more weight than necessary, otherwise the yogi may stumble and fall on the spiritual path

Balance is part of practicing yoga, not just in the diet, but also in the physical postures and in the habits of the mind. To stay in good balance in all aspects of being is to understand that there is no easy, quick, prefab package. True might comes from feeding the soul and the body well everyday, and is key if you want to be your mightiest Self until the day you die.


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