Learn about yoga from the Jedi Knights Installment #3

In the Introduction to learning about yoga from the Jedi Knights I gave a list of quotes that will  be addressed in this blog. Today we’re looking at the following Yoda quote and addressing what it means in the context of yoga:

“Patience young padawan”

In the context of yoga this statement is indispensable on the path to overcoming inner obstacles. For thousands of years yogis, AKA the Jedi Knights of Star Wars movies, have described the human condition in terms of a battle field. This is helpful yet mysterious. There are no soldiers coming down my drive way, nor my neighbour’s. At night I hear the peaceful sounds of rural silence… but life is ripe with worry and hopelessness. Why are we here? What must we fight for?

We have powers, psychic tools to aid in our journey toward old age and death. Ultimately the power to be fully compassionate is what is at stake, the crown jewel of maturation (movement beyond the fantastic fiction of youth). In learning to wield these mental and physical powers we learn about ourselves, and that we have huge egos which support creation but also bring attachment and grasping into our nature. There is light and there is shadow. Inside the mind is fierce clinging. Clinging to objects, people and moods. When any of those change, we feel a loss but to feel a gain takes patience. It is in the long run of our time in these moccasins where we can finally learn the wisdom of letting go, and to allow nature to unfold as it will.


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