Quotes about evolution from Yoga of the Mahamudra

I am fascinated by our evolutionary heritage, the greatest mystery of all. Will Johnson deals with this topic in Yoga of the Mahamudra, the Mystical Way of Balance, and links it directly to good posture – another of my favourite topics. Here are some relevant quotes from his book (2005):

The human evolution of consciousness has directly paralleled our ability to come to a more effortlessly vertical posture.

Our evolutionary imperative is leading our bodies in the direction of an evermore relaxed and upright state of balance.

The progression of human evolution can most graphically be portrayed as our continued attempts to stand up ever straighter.

In 1986, the notion that we were inspired to stand up on 2 feet by an enormous sudden growth and expansion of the brain was reversed. We stood up, and then our brains grew.

The straighter we have stood, the more conscious we have become.

Our ancestors laboured to free themselves from gravity’s hold. The embodied memory of this struggle still expresses itself through the body’s need to exert constant, subtle and not so subtle muscular tension in order to brace itself against what it still experiences as the primarily downward, destructive pull of earth’s gravity.

Ease is evolution’s natural response to struggle. Our evolutionary challenge is to figure out how to transform gravity from a force against which humans must brace themselves against in order to remain standing, to one that functions as a source of support of staying erect. It is time to take advantage of its supportive blessings and evolve to a stance that goes far beyond what we currently know as upright.

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