Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Tada means “mountain” in Sanskrit. In this asana we stand in stillness, feet shoulder width apart pointing directly in front (which may seem awkward at first) and our weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire body. Our arms are at the sides and the spine is erect, as energy rises out the top of the head. Let the knees be soft…

In this posture we take time to ask ourselves questions, and to find insight. How does it feel to stand still, within and without? Where do I stand? Who is standing? What does “mountain” mean to me? Ascending? Descending? Where is the path?

This pose is a great antidote to a hectic schedule and frazzled nerves. It can be done anywhere and no one will ever know you are doing yoga! Stand in Tadasana and become familiar with your Original Self… again.