Yoga Novel: The Sun Rises Twice

Hot off the presses is Anne Blackmore’s 5th book in the “Ginger Frye Yoga Mystery” series. Readers can finish the novel in a day, or on a flight from NY to San Francisco. Be prepared to “chomp at the bit” at the end…


The series began in 2012 with Dead Men Don’t Pose. Each title contains a yoga asana, so the first book is Savasana, and then continuing into book #2, Rabbit Crest is Sasangasana, and into book #3, A Tree Grows in Tahoe, can you guess which pose? That’s right, Vrkasana! Book #4 is Half Moon Over Mauna Kea… Ardha Chandrasana.

What nutty adventure will Ginger find herself in next? Marriage to her heart throb perhaps? Does Detective Hernandez have any idea what he’s in for? Only time – and Ms. Blackmore – will tell…


Yoga Novel: The Swami Deheftner

He trained himself to be a powerful Yogi, but took a decidedly western approach ~

A boy from Brooklyn defies his Orthodox Jewish father to – at long last – move into the broad daylight with his yogic practice… after first conquering the art of magic. Along the way, to finally understand the true nature of surrender, the Swami Dehefter had to willingly abandon a core illusion of humanity, the duality of gender, even for just one evening.

book cover - heftner

This book, published by Robert Steven Goldstein in 2012, is suitable for those readers interested in Houdini, vegetarianism, a glimpse of S/M, teaching yoga, and parrots (and rabbits too).

Divine Feminine: Discover the Power Within

Swami Samayananda (previously Janet Gaston, for those who may have studied with her) will be in Nanaimo at Yoga Weyr, offering two outreach workshops from Yasodhara Ashram (Kootenays, BC, Canada): ‘The Yoga of Healing’ on Saturday, May 24th, 2014 and ‘Divine Feminine: Discovering the Power Within’ on Sunday, May 25th. There will be a group going from the Comox Valley; some of us will be staying for both workshops, others may choose one or other day to be there. I’veĀ attached the full information so you can register by contacting Shanti (Dorlean) Peck. If you’re going from this area and would like to carpool, contact DY to find out more info. This is a very special opportunity with a senior teacher from the Ashram.