Yoga Novel: The Sun Rises Twice

Hot off the presses is Anne Blackmore’s 5th book in the “Ginger Frye Yoga Mystery” series. Readers can finish the novel in a day, or on a flight from NY to San Francisco. Be prepared to “chomp at the bit” at the end…


The series began in 2012 with Dead Men Don’t Pose. Each title contains a yoga asana, so the first book is Savasana, and then continuing into book #2, Rabbit Crest is Sasangasana, and into book #3, A Tree Grows in Tahoe, can you guess which pose? That’s right, Vrkasana! Book #4 is Half Moon Over Mauna Kea… Ardha Chandrasana.

What nutty adventure will Ginger find herself in next? Marriage to her heart throb perhaps? Does Detective Hernandez have any idea what he’s in for? Only time – and Ms. Blackmore – will tell…

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