Move prana gently with a Nettle-Mint spring cleanse

Innate in the journey of a yogin is summoning prana, also known as lifeforce or energy. That energy naturally must move, but in the winter we slow down, sweat less, stay immobile for longer periods and in general can become quite static. This is natural and there are natural teas that help get prana moving while softening the side-effects of your spring detox.

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The classic combination of Stinging Nettles and Mint is one such blend. At this time of year, fresh nettle is abundant in sunny verdant locales, along roadsides and beside driveways. Nettle may be considered a weed but it is both food and healing herb. Mint flourishes later in the spring, and French Mint or Chocolate Mint are two favourites varieties for tea making.


When a yogin gets sluggish after a cold dark winter, or if the energy feels stuck and regular attempts at moving it doesn’t help alleviate the side-effects of detoxification – like skin conditions, headaches, and joint/body pain… reach for this blend. Follow the instructions to brew a pot and drink it over the course of the day and evening, for at least a few days.

Nettle Mint isn’t just a spring beverage, it can be enjoyed all year round, but this season is, across the board, a perfect time to build the blood and cleanse the system of built-up impurities. Yogins often find themselves susceptible to sensitivities, both before and after they adopt a yoga practice, and that sensitivity commonly contributes to leading people to yoga. If students cultivate their powers of observation through yoga, then body sensations/sensitivities can act as a barometre for our personal states-of-being.

Tiny mint at this time of year

Mint is stronger after it has been dried. Gather a basketful from your garden this Summer Solstice and dry it for the coming year. Repeat this with the Stinging Nettles, and while you are doing your gathering steady your mind on gratitude for the union between what we need and what nature provides.

Fresh Nettles may also be eaten cooked like spinach. Trim only the top of the plant, before it starts to flower. Boil them in a pot for a minute or two, then toss them with spiral pasta, nutritional yeast and olive oil.

TIP: If you have hives or rheumatism/arthritis, take a few calming breaths and consciously let the nettle touch your skin anywhere comfortable – NOT on the hives, but YES on the affected joint if you want – until you feel the slight sting, at which point you know the medicine of the plant has entered your blood system. It’s not as bad as a bee sting, as long as you control the amount of stinging. To start with take one sting, from a solitary plant on each inner wrist. (Use caution, practice this technique at your own risk.)

Buy Nettle Mint Tea

If you are interested in this tea, here is where to purchase a lovely organic blend of Nettle Mint. BeuTEAful by Tantra Herbs. Sari Weinberg is located in Sackville, New Brunswick, where she has an online tea shop, and also sells a wide variety of herbs and herbal products at the Moncton Saturday Market all through the year.


These French Mint babies will mature by mid-Summer, reaching up to 18 inches.












Yoga sandals for balance and detoxification

They’re swim-friendly, comfortable, attractive and inexpensive. What more could someone ask for in a sandal? Well, how about help with balancing and detoxing the body? That’s exactly what one gets when wearing Yoga sandals, 5-thong footwear originally meant for the beach, but quickly adopted by Yogins who appreciate the increased toe spread the shoes afford, as well as the lymph production they induce.

How do Yoga sandals help balance the body?

In these colder climates feet spend most of their lives stuffed into shoes, effectively narrowing the person’s stance, thus reducing the balance point and forcing the skeletal structure to compensate for the resulting unsteadiness by compromising the whole body alignment. Yoga sandals help open up the toes and give the wearer a broader platform to stand on. The body becomes more free to walk and stand without needlessly over- or under-compensating. Get off that balance beam and onto open ground!

How do Yoga sandals help the body detoxify?

When activated, the acupressure points located between the toes stimulate the lymphatic system. The double reward of this effect is the drainage of toxins from bodily tissues and the boosting of the immune system by the increase in production of infection stopping white blood cells.

Sandra Sammartino, one of the most well-loved teachers living on the west coast, sells Yoga sandals online. Click here to find out more about buying them.


“I’ve got a few pairs, and my feet are happier than they’ve ever been.”

“I mistakenly thought my feet were pretty free, with flexible toes after years of yoga practice. That illusion was revealed the moment I tried sliding on a pair of yoga sandals! It took me a week of wearing them to get my toes to open up. It gets smoother in time, but not without a certain amount of quirky sensations coming from the tender inner toe skin and from the secretly immobile baby toes. With all that said, I now consider yoga sandals as part of my health regime.”

“With a broader base to stand on my posture has become even, my spine more aligned, and my stance more grounded.”

“If I feel a cold or flu coming on, I slip my yoga sandals on as a matter of prevention.”

“They felt awkward at first, but it’s worth it. They are therapeutic.”

“They’re durable and fun. I like wearing them even in winter, with a pair of toe socks of course.”

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