Yoga Therapy

For people on the road to recovery from acute or chronic unwellness, or, for those seeking long lasting balance in their relationships with self and others, Therapeutic Yoga, built on custom sequences may be just what the doctor ordered!

Custom therapeutic yoga routines can be designed for common medical conditions and post operative fitness.

Mind-body connection

The Sanskrit word yoga means yoke, or to bring together. Ancient yogis, the first doctors, realized the important link between mind and body, and that true healing resulted only by uniting the seemingly conflictual forces in their bodies.

In dedicating themselves to enhanced awareness, the illusion of disconnection and dis-ease became apparent and thus, highly treatable. They tested and recorded for us a path to holistic wellness. To this day, the yogic Science of Health remains virtually the same. In contrast, western medicine, allopathic methodology, treats the symptom rather than the root of disease. It’s a dead end on it’s own, pardon the pun. Spiritual awareness must be cultivated if the human condition is to attain enduring balance.

How do the sequences work therapeutically?

In recovering from any convalescence, both hemispheres of our brains need to be flexed and extended. A customized yoga practice incorporates the mind and the body, the inner spiritual life with the unfolding material experience which increases connectivity between the left and right brain. It is one way to improve our natural healing ability, another is to choreograph moving with breathing.

Yogic movements are meant to be done mindfully, with each action done on the exhale, and relaxation expanded on the inhale. Deliberate yet gentle action on the inside and outside of the body can make the yogic experience restorative, and bring suppleness back to the cellular level – where all regeneration begins.

Time tested tools adaptable for today

Sequences of ancient yoga postures are a modern tool made popular by Sri Krishnamurti from India and his son Desikachar in North America. Now understood as highly effective in their healing potential, customized flowing routines of common postures, vinyasa, are easy to remember yet potent in their simplicity ~ they need not tax the practitioner in any way.

Custom yoga sequences: what is your need?

Stroke Recovery

Post Surgery Recovery

Insomnia Relief

Endocrine Support

Arthritis Relief


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